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Toddler Sense and Father’s Day

Yabba Dabba Do!

Our Toddler Sense Father’s Day celebration is packed with champion entertainment from sporty warm-ups to fun ball games, a parachute bonanza, marching with Tod (our mascot), balloons and bubbles. And if you can’t bring Dad, Mum will have lots of fun too!

Father’s Day is just around the corner and Toddler Sense is getting ready to celebrate the important role that dads contribute to their children's lives. We have plenty of fun activities that dads and toddlers will enjoy and remember forever! 

The adventure play area is a great place to start and the equipment offers endless opportunities for exploration, problem-solving and imaginative thinking. You can encourage your toddler to crawl through tunnels, bounce, balance, climb or clamber over obstacles and teach important life skills at the same time.

When dads join in, toddlers know they are fun to be with!

Then it’s time for an adventure with your toddler starting with our ‘How do you do?’ song and then a champion warm up activity before we introduce a wonderful bonanza of sporty games to get dads as involved as possible!

Every week is different so if you can’t make ‘Father’s Day’, you can look forward to zooming to the moon, meeting aliens, putting the hatches down on Captain Tod’s yellow submarine, going ape at the African Zoo, digging for dinosaurs, crossing the high seas to Treasure Island, discovering the magic of the jungle (there’ll be monkey mayhem so wind up your windows and hide the sandwiches), and being a firefighter rescuing Tod from danger with your toddler.

When you join in with the fun, you add to your child’s development in unique and important ways. For example, encouraging physical skills supports the development of independence, confidence and achievement; making music fosters brain development; singing expands language and communication skills; playing fishing games develops imagination; helping your toddler post, sort, organize and deliver the daily mail encourages thinking, reasoning and problem-solving skills; going on a nature trail fosters an understanding of the world.  It’s impossible to name all the activities and benefits, but you are sure to enjoy them all!


What the research says….

A large-scale study conducted by the Australian Institute of Family Studies showed that fathers who engaged in fun play with toddlers had a far-reaching impact on their social skills and behaviours.

Research by the Fatherhood Institute showed that paternal interactions equipped children socially and psychologically and made a real difference to their lives.

Maureen Black, researcher and professor of paediatrics at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, found that children with an actively involved father had improved language skills and fewer behavioural problems, even if he lived apart from them.

Researchers at the University of Oxford, concluded that children who benefitted from paternal involvement from an early age were more likely to get good grades in school.

W. Bradford Wilcox, associate professor of sociology at the University of Virginia, stated that girls and boys were much more likely to thrive when they had the benefit of the father’s interest, involvement and attention.

Numerus studies have shown that spending quality time with children makes fatherhood more rewarding and enjoyable. Dads also develop lifelong bonds with their children that cannot be formed in any other way.

Father’s Day celebrates the unique contribution that dads make to all aspects of their children’s lives. Toddler Sense provides a wonderful opportunity for dads and children to spend quality time together.

By Dr Lin Day (http://www.babysensory.com/en/toddlersense)